Aurangabad : An Ideal Destination For shooting

Aurangabad is the cultural, educational, industrial and literary centre of Marathwada region of the state of Maharashtra, India. From the incredible Ellora and Ajanta caves to the beautiful Bibi Ka Makbara, it is the confluence of all religions. It not only retained its social harmony in the face of repeated attacks by invaders, but also continued with its contribution in the fields of art and culture. The same contributions have placed it among the top historical and artistic places in the country and made it the ‘Tourism Capital’ of Maharashtra.

Thanks to the rise of industries in the region, this historical city is shining with a new glow. With hundreds of locations in and around the city for shooting of movies, serials, ads and shorts, you will find an ideal destination in Aurangabad.

Roll…Camera…. Action!!! The words are no longer new the people

here. With a slew of movies, industrial films and ads taking place around the town, Aurangabad is now the favourite location of several actors, directors and producers. The arrival of film industry has given a new identity to the city and jobs to its youth. The artists and technicians of the region have been benefitted by the positive change. They are showing their mark in the fields of direction, acting, singing, dance, camera and backstage activities.

The unique architecture of the region first featured in Pakeezah of Meena Kumari has continued to entice many till today. The world famous Ajanta caves, at a distance of a mere hundred kilometres, need no description. An epic could be written in its glory and it could hardly capture the tiniest part of its beauty. Several scholars have spent their entire lives studying the paintings in these caves. There are so many places around Ajanta caves where shooting could be done.

At a tenth of this distance stands the invincible Daulatabad fort! Shooting has been done here at several occasions. The historical ambience, classic construction, impenetrable edges, massive canons, the top mansion all testify for its glorious past. Just a twenty kilometres from the city lies another great creation in human history, the Ellora caves. People from all over the world throng to be mesmerised by the centuries-old sculptures of Ellora. Like Ajanta no words can describe the beauty and grandeur of this monument too. The twelfth Jyotirlinga, Ghrishneshwar temple is just a kilometre away from there. A few kilometres ahead on the same road is Gautala Wildlife Sanctuary. A safe abode to number of plant, bird and

animal species, it is also an ideal location for shooting of different occasions in films. With high elevation, Chalisgaon Ghat is a good place to shoot so is one of the oldest caves named Pitalkhora nearby. There is also a fort near Kannad town. Aurangabad is very well connected to a

  • major cities of the country like Mumbai, Pune, Nasik, Hyderabad etc. by air, rail and road. Several movies, serials and ads have been shot at the newly built Chikalthana airport of the city. Unlike the crowded Mumbai airport, one can shoot here peacefully without any disturbance.

There are number of ideal spots for shooting in the city itself like Biki Ka Makbara, Panchakki, University area, Aurangabad caves etc. One of the town’s unique identities is also because of the sheer number gates it had. So much so that Aurangabad is also known as ‘The City of Gates’. At one point of time in history there were 54 gates, out of which 20 are existing today. Some of them are still in very good condition.

Around fifty kilometres from Aurangabad is Jayakwadi dam and Paithan town, earlier known as Pratishthan Nagari. Old Wadas (centuries-old, vast Indian houses with huge walls and doors) are still in good condition here. There are several villages around Aurangabad which have preserved their cultural and historical heritage, capable of pouring life into stories.

Movies in Marathi, Hindi and other Indian languages, including one ‘Veeram’ in Malayalam have been shot here before, so are in English and Chinese. The Chinese movie, Xuan Zang which was nominated for Oscar was also shot here. The movie was collaboration of India and China. It was shot for 10 days in Aurangabad. Besides, so many ads like those of Pepsi, Miranda, VIP bags, Mahindra Truck etc. have been shot in the city. There are several excellent locations for shooting in the industrial area of Waluj, Chikalthana, Shendra and Oric city too.

With a strong background of drama and movies, Aurangabad has a long lineage of great artists. Looking at the available facilities, a film city can easily be developed here. If the great destinations in the area are featured in movies more often, the entire region will develop. Let’s hope that the tourism capital of the state with great heritage of art and culture also succeeds to capture the attention of film industry.

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