‘Tools don’t make movie. You make movie! ’

This was the most important rather poignant line in the letter written by world famous Hollywood filmmaker Martine Scorsese to his daughter who was about to begin her career in filmmaking. This can be taken as a profound sermon for aspiring and established filmmakers, as well, when technology has almost dominated cinema.

The present day generation of filmmakers, technicians not only use ultra –modern equipments and state of art facilities available to them, they are quite obsessed with it. In the process, most of the time the content takes a back seat. There are exceptions to rule but one cannot overlook the reality in question. It won’t be outrageous to say that to an extent creativity is threatened by the dominance of technology. Since good cameras are available on the mobile phone the community of filmmakers is on the rise. No one can stop them!

But can they be made to realize that, ‘Tools don’t make movie. You make movie!’

What is movie making? What is ‘Cinema’? When the world is flooded with the best cameras, the best technologies and state of art equipment that gives you a polished work what is it really that gives it ‘life’?

AIFF wish to discuss every aspect of the issue through an insightful interaction among the panelists to understand the balance between content and technology. Between ‘science’ and ‘Art’!